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What Is The Ivy League?

The Ivy League is an athletic union of higher education institutes based in the North-East of the US. The league comprises of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Darmouth and Cornell University. With the exceptional of Cornell, founded in 1865, these schools can trace their roots to colonial America. The ‘league’ has since become a by-word for academic excellence. It’s for this reason that many wrongly assume the membership of Stanford & MIT.

How To Get Into The Ivy League?

You might assume that eight academic institutions would vary considerably in their admissions policy. However, there are abiding principles that unite them. The union are bound by their policy of ‘Holistic Admissions’, which decrees there is no academic baseline to qualify. Rather admissions officials will assess your application in its totality.

However, with applications at record numbers the acceptance rate’s for Ivy League admissions are at an all time low. This year, for example, Harvard’s acceptance rate fell beneath 6% for the first time. Here are this years acceptance rates according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

  1. Harvard         5.9%
  2. Yale                 6.8%
  3. Columbia       7.4%
  4. Princeton      7.9%
  5. Darmtouth    9.4%
  6. Brown            9.6%
  7. UPenn           12.3%
  8. Cornell          16.2%

While Harvard & Yale remain many a student’s ‘dream school’, with 34,285 and 28,974 applicants respectively, the demand for an elite education continues to soar despite tumbling acceptance rates. It is for these reasons that an application to an Ivy League school is best thought of as a ‘reach school’. Strategize intelligently and identify schools with a high and low probability of success.

Not sure which Ivy League school is for you? You’ll be curious to learn the results of a new study assessing the merits of our Ivy League rivals. According to the Center of College Affordability & Productivity, Princeton fared best. In the annual survey, the universities were ranked based on five categories: post-graduate success, student satisfaction, debt, graduation rate and competitive awards.

Beyond the prestige, look further. Choose wisely.


  1. For the essays, you want to convince the admissions officers that you’re a person who has great potential to be a leader and a success. You can easily find more information on essays from almost anywhere. What counts a LOT and many people don’t realize is where you live. For instance, Harvard admits many people from the Boston area because their charter requires them to admit a yearly quota of Boston students. Also, Harvard would like to admit students from each state in America. Therefore, if you live in Boston or a distant state, this helps your chances greatly. Also, it helps if you’re a great athlete. Recruited athletes at Ivy League schools are sometimes not very strong academically. That’s not to say that there are no smart athletes at Ivies; it’s just that it’s not uncommon to see dumber Ivy League students who were recruited for football. Legacy also helps a lot. If your parents went to Harvard, this helps you immensely. Besides that, you need to try to be a leader and an innovator at everything you do. Try to do your best and be the best at everything. Be competitive and go for the win. Harvard takes winners, and if you want to go to Harvard, you have to win. I attend the Ivy League right now.

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