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The Parent’s Guide On Getting Into The Ivy League

So, the latest numbers have arrived. This year little under 6% of 36,000 Harvard applicants realized their dream. Yale fared little better. Getting into the Ivy League demands a particular breed of candidate who can go onto follow the stellar alumni who have gone before. Naturally, students are best prepared by doting parents who foster a passion for knowledge from the off. That’s the emphasis of this write-up.

Effective parenting must begin from birth. Perhaps you adore reading, maybe the very thought of it overwhelms you with boredom – It doesn’t matter. If you want to rouse a desire for learning in your daughter or son, you must read to them. Research consistently underlines Mom’s and Dad’s who spend a little extra time reading their children bedtime stories, enhance their enjoyment in learning through life.

You don’t want them to be just bookworm’s however. You want to further their interest in the nature. Unfortunately, adolescents are increasingly captivated by the electronic arts and social media. Children armed with a love of trails and nature do better. Your typical American spends 5% of their life in class. To learn about the sciences you must experience it. So say Lynn D. Dierking and John H. Falk scribes of ‘The 95% Solution’.

Encourage your child to join clubs and play sports. Getting into an elite institute is not just about meeting these mythical Ivy League GPA requirements. As stated at the beginning of this post, Harvard and its rivals are searching for students who are well-balanced. Students in possession of intellectual and extra-curricular distinction. Your teenager needs to showcase a ‘USP’ that sets them apart. That may involve leadership roles and displays of initiative.

What of discipline then? Author of ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua famously has her own views. Chua, a Yale professor, was initially lambasted by critics and parenting groups for her demand for ‘tough love’ and firm discipline. However Amy’s daughter, Sophia, went onto become a Harvard student. Discipline, applied intelligently, is a potent tool.

Getting into the Ivy League has to be your son or daughters goal not yours. Some parent’s live vicariously through their children and confuse their accomplishments with their own. Unfortunately, these relationships transpire into resentment over the long-haul. Your outcome here must be your child’s lasting happiness and fulfillment.


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