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Getting Into Stanford

Interest in attending Stanford and other higher education institutes soars in the summer. Here’s a handful of FAQ’s Stanford prospects ask.

Will Attending Summer Schools Enhance My Chances Of Acceptance At Stanford?

Yes. Attending summer school can further your extra-curricular record.  Just in case this hasn’t chimed yet, Stanford is hunting for well-rounded applicants. That is you display a firm academic performance and a vibrant extra-curricular record.

Does Stanford Have Any Special Requirements For Home Schooled Students

Yes. You should take particular steps when making your case to the admissions officials. All home-schooled students need to submit a ‘Home School Supplement’ and other application materials. The role of this supplement is to elaborate on why your family chose home-schooling and your provisions for learning.

What Are Stanford’s Requirements For International Students

Up to 15% of Stanford’s student pool is derived from international students. Fluency in English, the ability to understand and articulate complex English, is a must. So if English isn’t your native tongue, the TOEFL exam is strongly recommended. Stanford has a limited financial aid budget for international students too. Learn more about How To Get Into Stanford here.