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Getting Into Oxford

Oxford University is revered throughout the world for its tradition and alumni. Over the coming months this website will be furnished with articles on student finance, your Oxford school of choice and essential insights key to your application. Specifically, we’ll show you:

  • A step by step timeline from submitting your application to your first Oxford interview.
  • Find out if you qualify for financial aid and how to apply.
  • How to meet and surpass Oxford admission requirements for international applicants.

Contemporary numbers reveal Oxford remains in demand. They demonstrate over 17,000 students applied for just 3,000 places. The rise in applications over the past decade is attributed to the soaring number of students reaching AAA at A-level across the UK. 17% of Oxford’s student body is formed from international students. And, just like Harvard and other elite institutes, Chinese students are increasingly the largest foreign contingent. At Oxford a significant number of North American students are in attendance too.

Of course, you’re not just a statistic. It’s important to note that while academics are vital, Oxford favours an “holistic admissions” approach. In addition to strong academics, you’ll need to demonstrate passion and vision to admissions officials. Ask yourself, just what would an Oxford education mean to you?

The path of getting into Oxford University is oft accompanied with superstition and myth. A private education and inside contacts are no guarantee of earning your place. Don’t believe the hype, there’s no way to bluff your way into Oxford. Remember, an elite education is the by-product of good study habits, consistently applied. However, negotiating Oxford admissions is a skill set you’ll need to acquire.

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