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Getting Into NYU

This article is a brief introduction into NYU admissions. Located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYU hosts the attractions of a world city, combined with a prestigious research institute that draws applicants the world over. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be furnishing this website with admission tips, graduate insights and proven resources that will inch you toward earning your university of choice.

How Do NYU Admissions Statistics Stack Up?

Like other leading education institutes, including Harvard and Yale, NYU hosts a ‘Holistic Admission’s’ policy. This policy decree’s there is no baseline GPA to be accepted. Rather admissions officials will comb through your personal statement, references and extra-curricular particulars before a decision is made. This is best illustrated by studying the following graph:

NYU hosts over 40,000 students divided into its 16 schools and centers, most notably its schools on law, business and art. On average the academic record of these students denotes a record superior of  3.4 GPA and a 1700 SAT. NYU boasts a graduate rate of over 90%. Any student preparing to apply will need to demonstrate their commitment and capability of doing so.

The Takeaway On Getting Into NYU …

There is no magic-formula or a one size fits all solution to getting into NYU. However, successful applicants bare signature hallmarks, while the unsuccessful applicants often make critical, and often easily avoidable errors in their pursuit. We’ll help you strategize the smart play and promote the best of you.

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