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Getting Into MIT

This article is a brief foray into MIT admission requirements. MIT is among the most celebrated higher education institutes in the world and draws applicants in their many thousands. Sadly just 10% of students dreaming of an MIT education will earn their place. MIT admissions are formidable. This article will help you increase the odds.

The application process for MIT isn’t the like that of it’s Ivy League rivals. While Harvard and Yale decree students file a Common Application, MIT has its very own process. While other institutes request applicants ink an essay, MIT will ask you to write a series of essays. The interview at many institutes bares no influence on admissions, at MIT it can be crucial. Let’s explore this more.

The Common Application is suitably coined. It’s the common set of student forms used by more than 400 higher education institutes. At MIT though, students are asked to go through a bespoke process and create a ‘My MIT’ account.

Maybe you love to write. Perhaps you’ve read the classics and can recite Dickens. Or maybe the very thought of reading makes your skin crawl. Either way, you’ll need to get a firm grasp on what the MIT application demands from you.  Here you’ll be given a series of essay prompts, some of which you can find online or in study guides, and you’ll be asked for your very own interpretation.

Many students approach the college or university interview with dread, but that reaction is not always called for. At Harvard, for example, the interview is but a formality. MIT statistics reveal just 1.4% of those who forego the interview will be accepted. Take the necessary steps to ensure your voice is heard.
Perhaps you’re from Delhi and think your location disqualifies you from the process? Wrong. MIT has Educational Counselors who live and work around the world. These are alumni who’ll volunteer to meet you at your local library and discuss your application over a coffee. If there’s no one in your area, Skype will suffice.

Getting into MIT isn’t like limbering up for the X Factor. There are no ego’s sat behind a desk sneering at a mistimed note. Truth is, they’re alumni who want to witness a stellar application. And one day, they were just like you, putting their best foot forward to attend the university of their dreams.

MIT’s tradition is incredible. Ask yourself, are you really capable of succeeding America’s finest? If not, it’s time to redouble your efforts and produce a standout application.