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Getting Into Harvard

This brief article runs through the FAQ’s on How To Get Into Harvard. Here we’ll briefly look at financial aid, graduation stats and the tours and courses available.

How does Harvard’s Financial Aid compare?

Harvard introduced dramatic changes to the financial aid endowment in 2006. The changes ensured the availability of a Harvard education to those hailing from all economic backgrounds. Harvard aid is so generous in fact, that fee’s match or best up to 90% of higher education institutes. Race and nationality are no matter, all applicants are eligible.

What are Harvard’s graduation numbers?

Harvard holds a graduation of up 96 to 98 percent – One of the best in the United States.

What are Harvard’s GPA Requirements?

There is no minimum grade point average to enter Harvard – That’s a myth. Generally though, you’re best served by being in the top 5% of your class.

Are Campus Tours available for applicants?

Students, families and tourists at large are welcomed to Harvard. Tours available include walking tours, prospective graduate and under-graduate admissions tours.

What courses does Harvard offer?

Harvard is divided into 12 schools and hosts 8,000 courses. These courses range from bachelors to doctorates and other degrees.

Getting Into Harvard isn’t easy. Should you brave the admissions process, you’ll join a select group of men and women who are the envy of the world. Learn more about How To Get Into Harvard here.