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How To Get Into Dartmouth

Found in Upper Valley, New Hampshire, Dartmouth College is a member of the fabled Ivy League. Established in 1769 by Minister Eleazar Wheelock, Darmouth hosts 19 graduate programs in the arts and sciences. With a combined student body of little over 6,000, Darmouth is the smallest institution in the Ivy League. It is this backdrop that has bred alumni who have reformed, informed and entertained.

Dartmouth has graduated 9 Pulitzer, 3 Nobel Prize Winners and 2 Supreme Court Justices. Alumni include United States Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner and political commentator and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham. Curiously, the author better known as Dr Seuss, Theodore Geisel, also attended. At this stage though, you’ll be curious to learn if Dartmouth is for you.

Can I Get Into Dartmouth?

Dartmouth Admissions

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Dartmouth hosts a ‘holistic admissions’ approach to selection. However, it’s reach combined with it’s limited student body result in a low acceptance rate. Following the trend of the other Ivy’s, this years acceptance rate was at just 9.4, a historic low for the College. This demand affords admissions officials the opportunity to be highly selective. Getting into Dartmouth requires the smart play. 

In studying the graph above you’ll note the high number of rejections, even among those with flawless academics. In convincing admissions officials, you’ll need to demonstrate you’ve chosen a challenging academic path, strong extra-curricular’s and a noteworthy talent. Officials will comb through your references, resume and even your social media profile looking to validate your suitability.

Of the institutes 56 majors applicants typically covet economics, psychology and history. It is little wonder, for Dartmouth hosts programs and professors who are the envy of the world.  In particular, Dartmouth is noted for its undergraduate education. In recent years the U.S. News & World Report has successively ranked Dartmouth first in undergraduate education among the nations universities.