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Getting Into Yale

As a member of the prestigious Ivy League, Yale is among the most scrupulous schools in the country. Since its founding Yale has graduated many of America – and the worlds – great influencers in politics, law and business. Of those embarking on Yale’s admissions gauntlet, just 7% endure. Those that do become part of the tradition that has graduated 5 US Presidents, 19 Supreme Court Justices and 49 Nobel Laureates.

A Closer Look At Yale’s Admissions Statistics …

Take a look at the following graph. Somewhere hither the white and red, are the chosen one’s. The select few who’ll go on to form Yale’s student body. Consider the numbers; this year Yale admitted 1,975 of 28,974 applicants. Among those who were waitlisted just under 10% were accepted. Yale ranks second only to Harvard in the Ivy League table of acceptance.

‘Holistic Admissions’, remember the term. It is this admissions criteria that decrees a 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT are no assurance of acceptance to the Ivy League.

So, What Makes You So Special?

Discard superstition and myth and look further. Ivy League admissions officials are fallible, sometimes mistaken. Beyond the red, there are signature characteristics that distinguishes the royal blue and green of acceptance. Outstanding academics, a ‘lop-sided’ extra-curricular pedigree and a killer essay are secondary only to forward planning. Choose wisely, begin your ascent early.

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